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Kylmäsäilö Turku Oy

Welcome to the website of Kylmäsäilö Turku Oy. Our company was founded in 1964 and we operate in logistics.

Kylmäsäilö Turku Oy is a privately owned storaging company which has been in business for three generations and who knows the special issues of freezing and cool storage without forgetting first-class customer service.

Our storage area totals approximately 6,500 square meters of which one half is formed by both a cool storage completely renovated in 2002/2003 and a dry product storage completed in 2008. Another half of our premises is formed by a frozen warehouse.

Our clientele consists mainly of foodstuff importers, wholesale companies and product manufacturers. We also have private persons as clients.

Our business which has been operating in the current location for nearly half-a-century is continuously developing and expanding to meet changing customer demands.



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